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Hamilton LaunchCharleston's new heavy duty Coast Guard cutter is expected to arrive in port this November once all its test trials are over.  The National Security Cutter Hamilton will take up its mooring along the Cooper River in North Charleston for duties that include pursuing Caribbean drug smuggling and rescue/humanitarian efforts wherever they arise. Delivery date to the Coast Guard is set for Sept. 15, 2014, with the local commissioning ceremony slated for Dec. 6, 2014. In-between will be more testing, trials and training for the crew.  The 418-foot ship was built by Huntington Ingalls Industries' Ingalls Shipbuilding Division in Pascagoula, Miss.  While it is the fourth of eight National Security cutters approved by Congress, it is the first to be based on the Atlantic Coast. The new fleet of security cutters are designed to replace the 378-foot high-endurance vessels that had entered into Coast Guard service during the 1960's. Those ships are considered to be outdated for American use though several of them have been given new life in the service of countries considered friendly to the U.S. The new cutters are 418-feet long with a 54-foot beam and displace 4,5000 tons with a full load.  They have a top speed of 28 knots, a range of 12,000 miles, an endurance of 60 days and a crew of 120 - or about 50 fewer crewmen than were needed on the Gallatin.   The Charleston-bound ship is named for Alexander Hamilton, the former treasury secretary credited for being the funder of what would become the U.S. Coast Guard. (from The Greenville News, Monday September 1 2014, Schuyler Kropf)


A man by the name of Scott Freund produced  "Pearl Harbor...The Real Story", a two disk DVD. It shows on Facebook that the DVD can be purchased from the Pearl Harbor Memorial Museum in Hawaii, but also has clips you can view and lots of info. This particular DVD has survivors:  Cecil Malmin, John Finn, Merl Resler, John R, Clare Hedrick (USS Arizona), Jake Jaekel, Jack Hammett, Frank Karas, George Larsen, Frank Zwolinski (my dad), and historian Daniel Martinez, and several others I didn't know personally. This DVD was done in Jan-Feb 2000 and recording lots of Survivors in their own homes. It is excellent. and


Board of Directives - Please read - IMPORTANT!

Board of Directives


Memorial Day wreath presentation at Arlington by Joe Kralik, Jr., our SDPHS Vice President.

                    .........and if you can't watch the video, here are a couple of pictures:  Attention! Wreath


Requirements for membership in the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors, as they appear on the application are as follows: "Must be the son or daughter, the step-son or step-daughter, the adopted son or daughter, or the nephew or niece of a member of the United States Armed Forces stationed on the Island of Oahu or within three (3) miles offshore on December 7, 1941 at the exact time of the attack, 7:55 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.  Membership eligibility is extended to all the direct (blood line) descendants (grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-nephews, great-nieces)." 

                                                                                                                  HISTORY OF THE SDPHS

The concept of an organization for the descendants of Pearl Harbor survivors was presented on the floor of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA) National Convention on December 6, 1965. A second proposal was introduced during the convention on December 6, 1970 and approved.  The first chapter of the SDPHS was established as the Sunshine State Chapter 1 of St. Petersburg, Florida on December 6, 1972. The following year on October 20, 1973, the SDPHS became an independent nationwide organization, legally incorporated as a non-profit organization.  Today the membership has grown to over 3,500 with members in all 50 states as well as in foreign countries and serving in the military.

It would be GREAT to have you on board. The cost is $35 membership fee payable at the time of application and ANNUAL DUES are $15 due on or before December 7th of each year (this keeps you on our mailing list.)

To start, request an application by contacting: Carol Gladys, PHONE: (850) 867-0645; 36675 Giles Road, Grafton, OH 44044-9124     

Be sure to include your U. S. mail address.

Membership (Dues) Renewal Info

"Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 - Lest we Forget!"

SDPHS Newsletter - Offspring 2011 #3 Summer Edition
      Tears from the Deep
Offspring 2011 #4 Fall Edition
Offspring #4

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Offspring Issue #4 2012
SDPHS NEWSETTER - Offspring 2011 #1 Spring Edition
Memorial Wreath 2011

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Offspring Winter Issue 1, 2013
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Offspring Issue #3 Fall Edition
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Offspring #1 Winter 2014
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Offspring Spring 2014

We are happy to announce That the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors, Inc., has established a scholarship in the amount of $1,000  to be awarded “biennially” on July 15th. It is funded by contributions, gifts, and bequests.

Applicants must be:
        accepted or enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited college or university, trade or technical school;
        an active member of the SDPHS;  a citizen of the United States;


CHILDREN OF PEARL WEBSITE -- PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!  VERY INTERESTING......"Children of Pearl presents first-person recollections of the attack on Pearl Harbor, as seen through the eyes of the children who survived the event, the only American kids to experience a battle on US soil during the war. They share not only their memories of the horror of the attack, but of military life before and after, as well as the effect on their lives following World War II."

Sons & Daughters Pearl Harbor Survivors Contacts (Includes elected national officers; appointed national positions and district directors):

                               CONTACT INFORMATION:




States within Districts:

District 1

Alaska*, California, Hawaii, Nevada

District 2
Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

District 3

Arizona, Colorado*, Kansas*, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma*, Utah

District 4

Arkansas*, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas

District 5 

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota*, North Dakota*, South Dakota*, Wisconsin*

District 6

Alabama*, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi*, North Carolina, South Carolina*, Tennessee

District 7
Delaware*, Maryland, Michigan*, New Jersey*, Ohio, Pennsylvania*, Virginia, West Virginia*, District of Columbia*

District 8

Connecticut, Maine*, Massachusetts*, New Hampshire*, New York, Rhode Island*, Vermont*

*Vacant State Chairs (We could use your help!)

If you are a child survivor of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, please contact
Mary Ellen Smith will be very glad to hear from you and to get your "story."

History Project:  We are trying to put together Historical Scrapbooks for the organization (SDPHS). We are interested in copies of any articles or photos, Offspring from 1971-2000, Constitution and By-laws from 1971-1998, and other memorabilia from December 7th. Please send your materials to: Marjorie Edwards 248 Taylor Lane, Winterville GA 30683. Her phone is 706.742.9551 and her email is

SDPHS National Constitution & Bylaws -- Revised 2012
SDPHS Handbook 10th Edition -- Revised 2012

Here are some pages you may want to check for additional information or just for fun: 

VJ Day in Honolulu - August 14, 1945
District 6 Website

Newspaper Article:  WWII Veterans Celebrated at Luncheon - sent by Al Pomeroy 


2009 PHSA Fredricksburg TX Convention
2010 PHSA Convention Honolulu Hawaii
Sons & Daughters powerpoint (Need powerpoint on computer to display.)
Sons & Daughters Powerpoint (PDF display only.)
Pearl Harbor Remembered 2006 - Bill High, SDPHS member


Please e-mail me at: if there is anything I can do for you....I can also send you a request for application if you send me your "snail-mail" address.

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